World’s First Blockchain Chocolate – from Slovakia

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On September 24, at the “3IPK Blockchain & Industry 4.0 Forum” event in Bratislava, two Slovakian blockchain technology-focused companies, 3IPK and DECENT, joined forces with an award-winning chocolate manufacturer, Lyra, to track the chocolate production process with blockchain.

In stage one of the program, they’ve produced 68 chocolate bars, which makes them the first chocolate manufacturer in the world using blockchain technology in the production. It is planned that 200K blockchain chocolates will hit the market.

The premium chocolate manufacturer adopted 3IPK’s industrial blockchain system to track the supply chain, show the quality of ingredients and prove the origin of the chocolate. Their aim is to maximize efficiency and higher transparency.

World’s First Blockchain Chocolate

3IPK offers a blockchain-based Software by tracing the process of supply chain, by using DECENT’s DCoreplatform, from cacao beans in Colombia, through roasting and transporting chocolate by sea, to mixing hazelnuts into the cocoa mass – you will be able to follow the process of the LYRA GALLERY bar delivering cocoa to Lyra factory in Ivanka pri Nitre, Slovakia.

There are many specific actions that take place in the production of chocolate. All of the steps will be checked, timestamped and recorded in an immutable ledger—DCore—giving Lyra maximum control of the whole process and allowing customers to find out what processes the chocolate went through.

The use of blockchain makes tracking of the lifecycle of each ingredient that goes into their new chocolate bars possible and gives customers an innovative way to find out what they are actually consuming.

Every chocolate bar has its own unique QR code, which you can scan with your smartphone and you will be able to read a unique story of the chocolate bar. After scanning the code, a list of 13 actions related to the chocolate production appears, such as harvesting, drying, packaging, etc.

Blockchain has again proven that its flexibility, immutability and effectiveness can be used by the broader public. The new chocolates are available in Yeme stores from 23rd of October 2019, and in other stores soon.


Nevena Bjelic

Nevena Bjelic